Anna’s class is one of the genuine highlights of my week. Brilliant exercise, perfectly paced with great music – she really knows what she’s doing!
Lucy Farmbrough
I am lucky to have a hit of Anna’s energy and grace at least once a week. Her classes are my rock.
Lucie Hague
I look forward to exercising - for the first time ever! Anna is friendly and professional with real expertise in cardio and barre work. Her classes are fun, well-planned and never routine. Great music, hi-energy and certainly effective.
Indy Stoddart
I start and end my week with Anna's class. The Monday class really sets me up for the week, and the Friday class means it's almost the weekend! Anna is very kind, knows everyone's limits, and ensures the classes are fun whilst getting results!
Emma Taggart
I have been attending Anna’s Barre Core and Cardio classes for nearly a year – she brings together a mix of strength and cardio exercises to create a seamless and fun class in an extremely well thought out and professional manner, tailored to the capabilities of her clients in order to both push and move forward with fitness and create a feeling of wellbeing and achievement.
Michele Samson